Election Integrity

According to the Nevada Policy Research Institute, “Nevada’s electoral system is one of the least secure in the nation thanks to a one-sided approach to election reform – ranking lower than every state except Hawaii.”
We cannot thrive as a state with a large number of our citizens not believing in the integrity of our elections!

TIM's Solution

ID Requirement

ID must be required to vote! Every legal “Citizen” has an ID and only those citizens have a right to rule the State of Nevada!

Secure Voting

Computerized voter machines should be individually secured and never connected via the internet. Just like paper ballots that aren’t secured, tampering can occur.


On President Reagan’s birthday, Tim became the first candidate for Nevada Senate District 16 to sign the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”. The date was chosen in honor of his political mentor “Ronaldus Magnus”

Defeat State Tax Increase

We must defeat the Nevada Sales Tax Increase for Public Schools Initiative or you will be paying a punishing, California-like, tax as high as 10%!

Defeat Gaming Tax Increase

We must defeat the job killing, The Nevada Gaming Tax Increase Initiative raising taxes on these businesses to 9.75%!

2nd Amendment Rights

The present situation in Ukraine and the crime erupting in our cities is a stark reminder of the importance of our 2nd Amendment rights! Tim is a strong patriot and advocate of the Constitution! Let Freedom Ring!

Stop Racism and Protect Life

We must defeat the November Initiative disguised as the “Equality of Rights 2022 Amendment”. This Amendment to the Nevada Constitution may require the teaching of CRT and allow for publicly funded abortions. Nevada passed the Equal Rights Amendment in 2017 so don’t let them fool us by this effort! We are seeing the destruction of women’s sports going on in this country and internationally. Let’s protect women in Nevada!
I have fought all my life to protect the lives of children because they are our most precious gifts!


I know we all get tired of the money game. I have already kick-started my campaign and I WILL BE MATCHING ALL FUTURE DONATIONS DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR!
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