Nevada State Senate 16 (R)

About Tim

Tim has something no other candidates have! These 3 facts seem to really impress all the voters we have spoken to in the last month. The other candidates just vote on bills or talk about what their stance is on issues. Tim acts!

Tim’s been rescuing our most vulnerable children for over 20 years, and we would like to highlight that.

Also, he has placed Financial Freedom classes into 37 Nevada high school curriculums and is adding more schools.

Tim has also established a READ NEVADA PAC to get elementary age children to start reading better at an early age.


Make Nevada Strong!

“Let’s be honest. Nevada’s education and health systems have never been regarded as good. Only our legislature can change this, but so far they haven’t done enough! If we work together we can make a huge difference that will impact generations to come!”
- Tim Duvall




Other Important Issues

Nevadans are tired of “do nothing” politicians. We need to be bold and make our voices heard! We need to act!


Election Integrity


2nd Amendment Rights

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“Our education system’s troubles are not confined to low‐ income districts — America’s students as a whole lag behind many other industrialized nations.”
- Cato Institute

Problem: Nevada’s Children are in Crisis!

Educational underachievement, fueled by the pandemic’s remote learning decisions, has resulted in failing scores in Reading, Writing, and Math. If not addressed this will result in a lasting disaster for Nevada’s families and it’s economy!


Carson Schools


Storey Schools


Washoe Schools



Carson Schools


Storey Schools


Washoe Schools

*Source: Public School Review 2021
The average High Schooler is graduating with a 4th grade education at a cost of $4.5 billion a year!

The Solution

Focus immediately on solid foundational curriculums in Reading, Writing and Mathematics until 75% proficiency is reached in all K- 4 schools. Leave no school behind!

K-12 schools should focus on foundational learning 80% of the time. With additional time added to the school year to address remedial learning needs!

Nevada’s youth need to receive a solid foundation, as early as possible, to afford them the very best of both social and economic opportunities.

Adoption of the Parent Bill of Rights

Parents should have the freedom to choose the educational options best suited to the needs of their children.

Parents and teachers, not politicians or school districts, know what their children need.


Volunteer to work with me by talking directly to your fellow citizens! I promise I will be right there by your side!
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Health and Healthcare

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.”
- Anne Wilson Schaef

PROBLEM: overall nevada ranking is 49th

The healthcare score for Nevada in 2020 by the Commonwealth Fund ranked our state as 49th in the nation! We cannot protect our citizens unless we make a change!
We must increase the number of quality doctors and nurses moving to Nevada!


Prevention and Treatment


Access and Affordability


Healthy Lives


Avoidable Hospital Use and Cost

The Solution

Let’s encourage doctors and nurses to come to Nevada by adopting sensible Medical No-Fault laws!
Reform our restrictive licensing laws and allow practicing doctors and nurses in other states to come to Nevada and start working immediately without punishing them with outdated regulations! Other states honor the Multistate Compact so that no additional licensing and fingerprinting are required, provided they are in good standing in another Compact state.


I know we all get tired of the money game. I have already kick-started my campaign and I WILL BE MATCHING ALL FUTURE DONATIONS DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR!
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“You cannot create prosperity by law. Sustained thrift, industry, application, intelligence, are the only things that ever do, or ever will, create prosperity.”
- Theodore Roosevelt


Nevada needs Skilled Labor and Small Business Growth! Only 60% of those who can work are working. Training and labor development is a must and we cannot continue to pay people who will not work fulltime. In addition, taxes are punishing the small businesses that are trying to regain footing after COVID-19.

The Solution

Small business will not prosper by paying a Commerce Tax that punishes companies who are self-contained in Nevada. Multi-state companies get to shift revenue out of the state and avoid this Tax!

The most punishing tax of all on Nevada’s Businesses is the Modified Business Tax, which penalizes companies for hiring workers! Unbelievable! We need to eliminate this tax by giving all businesses a $100,000 tax credit per employee hired!

When you bring a business to Nevada you should hire Nevadans. We must only give incentives to companies who hire 75% of their workforce from Nevada! Encouraging businesses to come to Nevada makes no sense if they bring all their employees with them.

Lastly we must defeat the proposed Nevada Minimum Wage Amendment which is already outdated by inflation and will hurt the employment of teenagers and result in stagnation.


Find out where we are every week of the campaign so that you can ask questions and learn more about me! Watch what I am doing for you! Watch for our virtual Town Hall Meeting Schedule!